Minnesota Future Together Grants

This program is designed to provide eligible Minnesota residents a tuition-free pathway for earning a certificate, diploma, associate’s degree, and bachelor’s degree in high-need careers. Funding comes from the State of Minnesota and is awarded to eligible students after grants and scholarships have been paid. Grants are available starting spring 2022 through 2024 OR until all funds are dispensed, whichever comes first.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • First enrolled during the 2021-22 academic year or later OR are returning to college and have not been enrolled at any college in the last three semesters
  • Enrolled as a degree-seeking student in that leads to a career in a high-need area (see ATCC Eligible Programs List).
  • Meet the Minnesota residency criteria
  • Not have already earned a baccalaureate degree
  • Not in default on a state or federal student loan
  • Not on SAP/FA suspension
  • Those who meet ONE of the following requirements:
    • Family Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)* reported on FAFSA or MN Dream Act Application of less than $50,000
    • Family AGI* reported on FAFSA or State Aid Application of less than $100,000 AND have worked in a critical industry listed in Executive Order 20-74 at least part-time between March 1, 2020 – December 31, 2021
    • Received unemployment benefits between March 1, 2020 – December 31, 2021

*Family AGI for a dependent student includes parent and student AGI and for an independent student it includes student and spouse AGI.

Student eligibility for the grant will be determined every semester. A student who receives a grant one semester is not guaranteed to receive funding for the next semester. Eligibility is subject to the availability of funds and any changes in your enrollment, FAFSA, or other financial aid may change the amount you receive each semester.

Details can be found at Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

If you are eligible for a MN Future Together Grant or if we have additional questions to determine your eligibility, we will contact you via your school email account. (Log in using YourStarID@go.minnstate.edu and your StarID password).


Title Download Link
Future Together Grants - Critical Industry List Download Future Together Grants - Critical Industry List Document pdf
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