Intercultural Center

Located in the Office & Information Technology building, room 744.
Alexandria Technical & Community College

Intercultural Services promotes appreciation of cultural and human diversity on our campus throughout the community.

Intercultural Center

The Intercultural Center strives to create a welcoming environment for students and staff from all cultural backgrounds. Students may complete homework in the Intercultural Center, and they may use the space as a location for socializing.

Mission Statement

To enhance the formal educational processes of the college by teaching all participating ATCC students how to grow personally and professionally with regard to diversity.


The Intercultural Center is a welcoming and inclusive place committed to fostering collaboration and awareness of the intercultural history of our global society. The center provides a forum for education and social exchange that encourages greater appreciation, consciousness, and respect for the different cultural backgrounds represented by ATCC students, faculty, staff, and community.

The center provides awareness of U.S. and world communities through resources such as magazines, newspapers, multilingual TV programming, news, books, videos, and bilingual journals.

Committed to making diversity and interculturalism important aspects of Alexandria Technical & Community College, the center encourages students, faculty, and staff to participate in intercultural activities sponsored by ATCC and external entities, including field trips.

The Intercultural Center provides ATCC students with high quality programming, facilitated educational activities and dialogs, and student leadership opportunities.

Keith Turner, Director of Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Keith Turner

Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
320-762-4693 | Bio

Mr. Turner (Keith) is a campus leader with a history of expertise in promoting and supporting student success in many venues including academic, athletic, and in the community. Through advising and student service programming, Keith’s efforts have led to improved student achievement both on and off the football field. Mr. Turner holds a Master’s degree in Education, and Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Health. At ATCC, Mr. Turner’s role includes acting as the primary academic advisor for USNCC students and leading and coordinating equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts across the college. Having won several conference titles, he believes one should only ask from their staff what one is willing to do themselves. He is passionate about community, education, and advancing the future of our next generation.