GPA and Satisfactory Completion Calculator

You may use the calculator to determine your cumulative or term grade point average and percent completion rate.

If you wish to calculate your cumulative progress, fill in the fields under step 1 and step 2.

If you have prior transfer coursework, you will need to locate the line on your transcript that indicates transfer attempted and transfer earned totals - these two numbers may be different. Enter these amounts in the transfer attempted and transfer earned columns under Step 1.

If you wish to calculate your term progress, enter the number of credits and anticipated grade for each course you are registered for in the fields under Step 2.

Step 1: Enter Transcript Information

Enter the following information from the last term you attended (do not include current term information)

Step 2: Enter Current Information

Enter credit hours and expected grade for up to eight current courses.


Based on the information in steps 1 and 2:

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