Message from the Executive Director

Amy Allen, Executive Director, Alexandria Technical & Community College FoundationAll of us at the Alexandria Technical & Community College Foundation would like to thank you. Thank you for your financial gifts, in-kind contributions, your time, and your continued dedication to ensuring students receive excellent education and scholarships, helping them make their dreams come true.

You are the investors...investors in students, the college, and in our community.

Because of your investment in education, 700 scholarships totaling more than $375,000 were given out to Alexandria Technical & Community College students this past year. Because of you, students who otherwise wouldn't have the ability to continue their education, now attend school without worrying about how they are going to work and pay for college while trying to keep their grades up.

Alexandria Technical & Community College serves close to 4,000 students each year. Approximately 2,000 of them are full time students on our campus. We have a diverse mix of programs that prepare students for careers in Health & Education, Business & Information Technology, Design, Manufacturing, Transportation, Public Safety, and Transfer. Within these career areas, programs offer high-skills technical education leading to careers and recognized transfer degrees that are accepted at both private and Minnesota State institutions.

Through continuous hard work, the college has the reputation of being a shining star among both colleges and universities in the Minnesota State system. ATCC is in the top 5% in the nation for our retention, graduation, and job placement rates. Upon graduation, 96% of our students find work in their chosen fields. Our collaboration and connection with area businesses, manufacturing, health care, and law enforcement is exceptional as is our Customized Training Center and Senior College program.

It is because of your investment in our college and students we are able to remain strong despite reductions in the college's overall budget. We are in a very good place, but we cannot become complacent. We need to maintain and continue to build our foundation in order to offer students the very best in education.

The Foundation staff and Board of Directors are filled with gratitude and thank you, our investors, for all you have given throughout the year. We look forward to partnering with you as we plan and prepare for the future.

Amy Allen

Executive Director

  • Amy Allen

Board of Directors

  • Jan Mahoney (President)
  • Lynn Arnquist
  • Jeanne Batesole
  • Roger Blank
  • Lisa Bowen
  • Jim Eidsvold
  • Jon Hall
  • Kathryn LeBrasseur
  • Todd Lindenberg
  • Orin Lundberg
  • Rick Paulsen
  • John Stenz
  • Mark Uhler
  • Carmon Watkins


  • Frank Starke


  • Laura Urban