Why Give

You can make a difference in the life of a student through your support. Every gift impacts our students no matter the size.

Increasing costs continue to be a barrier for students desiring a higher education. As state funding decreases, the cost of higher education continues to increase forcing our future workforce deeper in debt.

Financial support is more important today than ever for students. The ATCC Foundation depends on individuals, corporations and foundations for help in maintaining the quality of student learning to make the dream of a college education a reality.

Where to Give

For many students, receiving a scholarship can make the difference as to whether or not they can attend ATCC. As a result of the expensive technical equipment needed for training many of our programs have higher than average "per student" cost than a traditional four-year college.

This educational training is critical as the college prepares the workforce of tomorrow. This workforce needs to be trained on state-of-the-art equipment and their focus should be on learning. That is why we are here to help.

Thanks to the generous support of donors, the Foundation helps students realize their dream of a post-secondary education through scholarship support.

Engraved Patio Pavers

You can create your own legacy with an engraved paver on the patio of the new Foundation Hall. Select a paver, bench, or table of your choice to be engraved and enjoyed as a legacy for years to come. A great way to leave your mark, honor your parents, children, or grandchildren, celebrate an achievement or event, or congratulate a graduate.

Wherever Need is Greatest:

These gifts meet the most pressing needs of the college in the areas of student scholarships, equipment, and program development.

Specific Program:

You may choose to direct your gifts to specific academic programs which support a variety of needs including obtaining state-of-the-art equipment for student learning. Program List

Build your legacy...please consider ATCC Foundation in your will.

Ways to Give

Annual Gifts

These gifts meet the most pressing needs of the college in the areas of scholarships, equipment, and program development. They come in all sizes. You can direct your gift to specific programs or scholarships, and the general fund. Acceptable donations include cash, gifts of securities, and certain gifts of personal property or life insurance. Each gift has its own tax deduction implications. Check with your financial advisors to know a gift's personal impact. Remember, your participation is more important than the size of your gift.

Planned Gifts

Planned gifts can take many forms. They require thought on the part of the donor so that the gift can benefit the donor, the donor's family, and Alexandria Technical & Community College. There are many strategies to consider when designing a planned gift. Contact financial advisors along with the ATCC Foundation Executive Director to design a gift that meets your needs.

  • Bequest: leave a gift to ATCC through a will or living trust
  • Charitable Gift Annuity: earn a partially tax-free, supplemental income from your gift
  • Charitable Remainder Trust: secure a tax deduction and fixed income or hedge against inflation with the principal retained for Alexandria Technical & Community College
  • Retained for Life Estate: this is a Remainder Trust of donor's home with a life estate set up for lifetime donor use and tax benefits
  • Charitable Lead Trust: reduce gift and estate taxes on assets that your children or grandchildren inherit with the income going to ATCC for a specified number of years while the principal is retained for the heirs.
  • Gift of Retirement Assets: name ATCC as the beneficiary of the remainder of the assets after death allowing donor to avoid twofold taxation on IRAs or other benefit plans

Memorials and Endowments

These gifts can also take many forms. They are a powerful way for the donor or others to be recognized while living or after death while realizing tax benefits for the donation.

Gifts In-Kind

Gifts in-kind are varied. These would be materials, equipment, or supplies which ATCC can use in its operations or for programming.

All gifts are tax deductible.

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By Electronic Fund Transfer

Make a gift through a direct withdraw from your bank account. Donors can set up a monthly, quarterly, or yearly withdrawal.

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