5.20 Parking Policy

Minnesota Statute 136F.67 requires that colleges and universities charge parking fees to generate revenue for parking lot construction, improvements and maintenance, and parking enforcement.

Vehicles parked on campus of Alexandria Technical & Community College must have a parking permit hanging from the rearview mirror, facing forward, and visible from the front of the vehicle.

Vehicles displaying government plates are exempt from the parking permit requirement.

The purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee availability of a parking space.

All persons operating motor vehicles on college property shall do so at their own risk. No responsibility or liability shall be assumed by ATCC for loss of property, damage to vehicle while parked, damage which may be incurred through the process of impounding the vehicle, or any other damage or loss of any kind sustained while on ATCC property.

Permits lost or stolen can be replaced for a fee. Anyone caught with an illegal ATCC parking permit could:

  • lose all parking privileges,
  • be fined, and/or
  • be turned over to authorities for prosecution

The speed limit in the school parking lots is 15 mph. If violated, parking privileges could be revoked. Cars are parked legally when the entire vehicle is located within the striped boundaries of the parking space. The fact that other vehicles are parked improperly shall not constitute an excuse for parking any part of the vehicle over any line. Students pulling trailers are asked to park them in the west end of the west parking lot.

Parking is prohibited in areas specifically designated as visitor parking, delivery areas, services areas, "No Parking Zones," employee parking areas, fire lanes or zones, driveways, lawns, sidewalks, fence compounds and other posted areas. Students can use the 15-minute parking zones.

Parking Procedures

General Regulations:
Each administrator, faculty, staff, student, and any other person associated with the college must properly display a parking permit on their vehicle while parked on property under the control of the college. Parking will be enforced whenever classes are in session. Failure to display a parking permit will result in a fine and/or removal of the vehicle at the expense of the owner.

Exception to these Regulations:

  • Vehicles with tax exempt plates
  • Vehicles displaying visitor permit
    • Guests
    • Vendors
    • Repair and construction personnel
    • Volunteers
    • Customized Training's not for credit classes

Permit Fees and Related Fines:

  • Student parking fees for credit courses are applied per credit up to a maximum of 15 credits per semester.
  • Fees will not be charged for online, clinical and internship credits when the student is not on campus in order to complete.
  • The cost for administrators, faculty and staff shall be prorated depending upon the level of assignment

The parking fee may be waived by completing the Parking Use Fee Exemption Request form from the Business Office. Students that have already obtained their permit will have to return their permit along with the waiver form.

Refunds for parking permits will be made if a student withdraws from the college according to policy 5.12 Refunds, Waivers, and Withdrawals.

Refunds will be made by turning in the parking permit with the withdrawal form.

Obtaining a Permit

Students obtain their permit after registration at the IT Department Help Desk at the same time that they receive their student ID cards.

Daily Permits

Daily permits can be purchased for $1.00 a day to students who already have a permit but happen to have forgotten it. Daily permits can be purchased in the Business Office. Students who receive a parking ticket before purchasing a daily permit, must pay the fine.


Students or employees who plan to drive and park their motorcycles on college property must first purchase a parking permit and then supply the parking lot monitor with the license number.

Visitor Permits

Visitor permits are available to any staff on the "Forms" page on Mission Control. Please fill out and print this form for guests to display on their vehicle; being sure to include name in the "Issued By" section of the permit. The guest permit will not be valid unless it has this section completed.

Approved by: ATCC Leadership Council
Effective Date: 10/07/13
Last Date Revised: 10/07/13