Cybersecurity, Virtualization, & Networking

Students are preparing to support the growing fields of information technology, networking, IT security, personal computers, and convergence technologies. The curriculum provides training in three areas of concentration: Network Administration, Network Infrastructure & Design, and PC and Network Support.

Course content includes computer maintenance and repair, PC operating systems, local area networking (LAN) management, wide area network (WAN) management, wireless communication, computer and network security, and IP convergence technologies including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Graduates are able to provide system support and training in a variety of areas, including personal computers, software, local area networks, wireless data systems, corporate phone systems, wide area networks, and related technologies.

Graduates possess a broad base of training. As technology changes, new careers are emerging on a regular basis. This breadth of training is the strength of the program; it enables graduates to choose from a variety of options and to be ready for technology changes as they occur.