Sociology Transfer Pathway Curriculum

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1FallENGL1410Composition I33
1FallGSDV1400Individualized Degree Planning11
1FallITEC1430Beginning Personal Computer I22
1FallMNTC Goal 6Humanities (minimum 2 disciplines)33
1FallPHED ELECTIVEWellness Elective12
1FallSOCS1400Introduction to Sociology33
   Semester Total1314
2SprBIOL1430/1431People and the Environment with Lab45
2SprENGL1420Composition II33
2SprGENERAL ELECTIVEGeneral Elective33
2SprMNTC Goal 1Oral Communication33
2SprSOCS2403Human Sexuality33
   Semester Total1617
3FallGENERAL ELECTIVEGeneral Elective33
3FallMATH1445Introduction to Statistics
(or another college level math course)
3FallMNTC Goal 3Natural Sciences45
3FallMNTC Goal 6Humanities (minimum 2 disciplines)33
3FallSOCS1402 or
SOCS1480 or
Social Problems or
Intro to Women's Studies or
Sociology of Popular Culture
   Semester Total1617
4SprGENERAL ELECTIVEGeneral Elective66
4SprMNTC Goal 5History & Social and Behavioral Sciences33
4SprMNTC Goal 6Humanities (minimum 2 disciplines)33
4SprMNTC Goal 9Ethical and Civic Diversity33
   Semester Total1515
   Program Total6063

Visit with advisor or refer to Degree Audit Report for elective options.

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