Welding Technology

The Welding Technology program prepares students for careers in three major areas of the welding industry: manufacturing, construction, and maintenance/repair. The program provides hands-on skills and technical training in the areas of GMAW(wire-feed), SMAW(stick), GTAW(tig), flux cored arc, and pulse arc welding processes. Skills are also developed in plasma and manual fuel gas cutting processes.

Related areas of instruction include interpretation of engineering drawings, blueprint reading, metallurgy, geometric tolerancing, and the AWS Standard Welding Symbol interpretation. An integral part of the skills training is a qualification/certification testing program. This is designed to qualify students for the AWS Structural Code and the ASME Pipe Pressure Code in accordance with AWS QC-3 standards.

Another fundamental aspect of this program’s curriculum is professionalism. Classroom standards reflect industry’s expectations of punctuality, time management, team building, and communication skills.