2021 Fall Registration & Advising

Welcome to Alexandria Technical & Community College! We're excited you have chosen ATCC and are looking forward to getting started. Fall semester begins August 23. Summer semester registration is currently open. Fall registration for online majors opens March 15. Fall registration for on-campus majors begins March 18.

Contact the Advising Center at 320-762-4480 for registration assistance.

RAD Schedule

Below are Registration/Advising Days (RAD) for each academic program. RAD events are here for incoming first-year students to register for upcoming fall semester classes. This is also a great opportunity to meet with student services such as financial aid, academic support services, and admissions to make sure your upcoming start is a smooth one.

Confirm your RAD attendance »

  • For events labeled "Main Entrance (Door C)" park in the north lot, enter Door C (main door) and proceed to the check-in table.
  • For events labeled "700 Building North Entrance (Door J)" park in the West Lot, enter Door J (north door) and proceed to the check-in table.
  • Monday, June 14 

    9:00 am | Main Entrance (Door C)
    • Biology Transfer Pathway
    • Economics Transfer Pathway
    • History Transfer Pathway
    • Individualized Studies
    • Liberal Arts and Sciences (A-K)
    • Professional Truck Driver

    12:30 pm | Main Entrance (Door C)

    • Carpentry
    • English Transfer Pathway
    • Liberal Arts & Sciences (L-Z)
    • Pre-Social Work Transfer Pathway
    • Psychology Transfer Pathway
    • Sociology Transfer Pathway

  • Alternate Registration Sessions 

    (All sessions begin at 9:00 am)
    • Tuesday, June 22
    • Tuesday, July 13
    • Thursday, July 22
    • Tuesday, August 3

Confirm your RAD attendance »

We are so excited to invite our incoming students to campus. The campus is operating under guidelines in place from Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

  • Please limit any guests to no more than 1 per student.
  • Please do not come to campus if you have a pending COVID test, are under quarantine, or are displaying symptoms of COVID.

If guidelines change between now and your scheduled registration day, we will contact you via e-mail.

It is very important that you attend your RAD event. However, if you are on quarantine or are otherwise unable to attend, know that you will not miss out on your required fall course schedule. We’re more than happy to work with you! Please contact us at info@alextech.edu or 320-762-4600 if we can be of assistance.

Steps to Register

Registration Instructions & eServices Information

  • Select MyATCC from the main menu on alextech.edu
  • At the next page select the eServices icon
  • Login with your StarID and Password
  • You will now see your eServices Dashboard page which is a quick reference of some of the information within eServices.


Registering using Course ID numbers

  1. Select Courses & Registration (left side) and select Quick Add. Double check that the semester is correct that you are registering for on the page. Enter the Course ID numbers in each box and select Register.
  2. The next page is confirming your registration. You are NOT registered yet. Please read through the paragraph and enter your Password and select Register to complete your registration. If you have entered a wrong course id and have a wrong course return to Review my Plan and check the box in front of the course you want to remove and select the Remove Selected Course(s) from Wish List. Return to Quick Add repeat step 1.
  3. If you do not see Registration Successful and you see Error codes/messages, please contact the ATCC Registrar at 320-762-4650 and they will assist you with fixing the issue.
  4. Select View/Modify Schedule to see the full information of your semester schedule.


Registering using Search for a Course

  1. Select Courses & Registration and select Search for a Course. Double check that the semester is correct that you are registering for on the page.
  2. Double check the institution is set to ATCC and the semester is correct that you are registering for on the page.
  3. Select the dropdown arrow in the Subject area and choose the acronym for the subject you are registering for. Example: BIOL 1417 Anatomy & Physiology locate Biology (BIOL)in the list. To the right of the subject enter the Course Number and select Search. Locate the course in your search results and choose the Add icon in the far left column of the row. Select OK to have the course added to your Wish List.
  4. Select the Search link and repeat  the steps above for the remaining courses you want to register for. Once all the courses have been added choose Review My Plan (left side of page).
  5. You are now at your Wish List and you should see all the courses that you have added. Select the checkbox in front of each course(far left column) and select the Course(s) to proceed to register button.
  6. The next page is confirming your registration. You are NOT registered yet. Please read through the paragraph and enter your Password and select Register to complete your registration.
  7. If you do not see Registration Successful and you see Error Codes/messages, please contact the ATCC Registrar at 320-762-4650 and they will assist you with fixing the issue.


eServices – other features

Academic Records

Check Grades – You will be able to see your grades for semester courses on the last day of the semester

Unofficial Transcript – You have access to your unofficial within eServices.

Degree Audit – Also called DARS Your advisor will use this audit to advise you on the courses that you will need to register for and use as a progression plan throughout your program semesters.

Financial Aid

Aid Application Status - You are able to monitor the status of your financial aid once you have submitted your FAFSA to the college

Awards – Once your FAFSA has been completed you will be able to see what your award totals

Direct Deposit Setup – Use to have any surplus funds go directly into your account

Loans – Complete your loan request

Course Delivery Methods

When registering for courses, each course will show its delivery method. The definitions below will help explain the differences between these options, and help you make the best choices for your learning style.

On Campus: These classes meet face-to-face at scheduled times and locations.

HyFlex: On-campus flex classes held in classrooms with the technology to link students by video, providing students and faculty with a lot of flexibility to adjust and adapt.

Blended/Hybrid: Blended courses combine elements of face-to-face and online learning to fit course needs. 25-75% of instruction is online, with more than 2 in-person meetings or 4 proctored exams required.

Mostly Online: >75% of instruction is online with up to two possible in-person meetings.  Up to four required proctored exams are not included in the in-person meeting. Course may have online synchronous components.

Completely Online - Synchronous: Using video software such as Zoom, these classes have scheduled meeting times.  They provide structure and allow students to see their instructor and fellow students.

Completely Online - Asynchronous: Online classes have no scheduled meetings, although there are deadlines and assignments.

Registering for Clay Target League (Varsity Sport)

As a member of Minnesota College Athletic Conference (MCAC), ATCC offers clay target as a competitive varsity sport. Students may join the ATCC Clay Target League by registering for one of two courses: PHED1420 (one credit course) or PHED8420 (non-credit course). 

PHED1420 is a one-credit course, which can be used as an elective credit in some programs. If your program has elective credits, this is an appropriate course to register for as the one credit will count towards your degree requirements. Tuition for one credit will be charged for this option.

PHED8420 is a zero-credit option for programs that do not have elective credit options. No tuition will be charged for PHED8420.

The activity and participation is the same whether you register for PHED1420 or PHED8420.


How to Register for Clay Target League

  1. Visit www.alextech.edu, select the MyATCC link on the right side of the page
  2. Select the eServices icon below the MyATCC login
  3. Within the eServices login page, enter your StarID and password
  4. From your eServices Dashboard, select Courses & Registration on the left side of the page
  5. Select Quick Add (Register)
  6. In the top box, enter 000199 for the one-credit Trap Shooting course, or enter 000202 for the zero-credit course. Only enter one or the other.
  7. Click on the blue Register button at the bottom
  8. Enter your password, and select Register
  9. If registration is successful, you will see a “Registration Successful” statement on the next page
  10. If you receive a persistent registration error or have questions, contact the ATCC Registrar’s office at (320) 762-4650