Behavioral Health & Human Services

Students in the Behavioral Health and Human Services (BHHS) program will learn to advocate for individuals of all ages who are disabled, vulnerable, or underserved. Through this highly flexible and customizable program, students will focus their studies on providing support in a variety of health, human services, and education settings.

Students will study human development and behavior, common conditions & disabilities, and the impact of environmental stressors and positive supports. This program's broad base of behavioral health, psychology, sociology, and social services coursework will prove valuable for those students who transfer to a four-year institution for human services, psychology, social work, or special education majors.

The 31-credit diploma and 64-credit AAS degrees help students move up the career ladder by addressing supervisory or middle management tasks across a variety of settings such as residential, clinics, schools, and other community support agencies.

This program is a collaborative effort between Alexandria College, Anoka Technical College, and South Central College.

  Out-of-State Students:

Students from outside Minnesota who are interested in taking this program online should verify that the program is recognized in their home state.

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