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SkillsUSA State Winners - Carpentry Program

1st Place State Winners were eligible to go on to National Competition where applicable.

Cabinet Making

SkillsUSA State Winners in Cabinet Making by Year
19843rd PlaceJay Blegen
19863rd PlaceJohn Urbanski
19872nd PlaceJohn Urbanski
19972nd PlaceShane Blair
19981st PlaceShane Blair
19982nd PlaceShane Blair (Nationals)
20072nd PlaceBrennan Torkelson
20103rd PlaceMatt Ackermann
20122nd PlaceTristan Feuchtenberg (High School Division)
20133rd PlaceCoty Friedrichs
20143rd PlaceTrevor Mages
20152nd PlaceCaleb Satterlund
20162nd PlaceSam Coffman (High School Division)
20173rd PlaceColt Scofield
20181st PlaceColt Scofield
20183rd PlaceJohn Clarke
20191st PlaceLogan Bloom (High School Division)
2020 State and National contests canceled due to COVID-19
20213rd PlaceAdam Powers
20211st PlaceJonathan Noble (High School Division)
20223rd PlaceWillard Burgess
20231st PlaceLuke Laing
19983rd PlaceLuke Laing (Nationals)



SkillsUSA State Winners in Carpentry by Year
19732nd PlaceJohn Sward
19781st PlaceGary Berg
19782nd PlaceGary Berg (Nationals)
19793rd PlaceGary Berg
19861st PlaceGerald Corbin
19863rd PlaceGerald Corbin (Nationals)
19912nd PlaceMatt Voller
19921st PlaceBen Jensen
19932nd PlaceChris Nelson
19953rd PlaceCraig Kleve
19982nd PlaceMike Klimek
19991st PlaceChris Gwost
19991st PlaceChris Gwost (Nationals)
20013rd PlaceDan Waldoch
20012nd PlaceDan Klimek
20017th PlaceDan Klimek (Nationals)
20022nd PlaceDan Waldoch
20021st PlaceDan Klimek
20023rd PlaceDan Klimek (Nationals)
20032nd PlaceJoachim Wiener
20043rd PlaceRyan Schram
20051st PlaceBernard Czech
20052nd PlaceBernard Czech (Nationals)
20061st PlaceTroy Johnson
20063rd PlaceTony Gebhard
20063rd PlaceTroy Johnson (Nationals)
20071st PlaceTodd Van Leeuwe
20073rd PlaceTodd Van Leeuwe (Nationals)
20081st PlaceMatt Schwope
20091st PlaceAndy Engelmeyer (High School Division)
20101st PlaceMatt Schwope
20103rd PlaceWilliam Vaughan 
20113rd PlaceRoederick Feiler (High School Division)
20121st PlaceTravis Anderson
20122nd PlaceTristan Feuchtenberg (High School Division)
20133rd PlaceTrevor Mages
20141st PlaceGabriel Wieser
20142nd PlaceTrevor Mages
20152nd PlaceBryan Kehren
20153rd PlaceJordan Statema
20161st PlaceBen Kierzek
20162nd PlaceColton Anderson
20161st PlaceAlex Engelmeyer (High School Division)
20171st PlaceAlex Engelmeyer
20172nd PlaceBen Kierzek
20173rd PlaceAndrew Salonek
20172nd PlaceAlex Engelmeyer (Nationals)
20181st PlaceColt Scofield
20182nd PlaceMalachi Breczinski
20183rd PlaceBrandon Kihne
20191st PlaceJordan Wegner
20192nd PlaceTony Fitzer
20193rd PlaceJeremiah Jacobson
20193rd PlaceLogan Bloom (High School Division)
20193rd PlaceLogan Bloom (High School Division - Nationals)
2020 State and National contests canceled due to COVID-19
20211st PlaceRobert Wold
20212nd PlaceJackson Paquette
20211st PlaceJonathan Noble (High School Division)
20221st PlaceKody Herbst
20222nd PlaceTyler Tougas
20223rd PlaceIsaac Johnson
20222nd PlaceKody Herbst (Nationals)
20231st PlaceKody Herbst
20232nd PlaceJacob Moeller
20233rd PlaceNick Tougas


Construction Blueprint Reading

(No National Competition)

SkillsUSA State Winners in Construction Blueprint Reading by Year
19741st PlaceBrian Berg
19743rd PlaceLeon Engelhart
19883rd PlaceChad Ridler
19891st PlaceDave Rajdl
19911st PlaceMatt Voller
19962nd PlaceDan Wiek
19971st PlaceDirk Hagedon
19982nd PlaceShane Blair
19992nd PlaceJonah Schwiem
20002nd PlacePaul Hippe
20003rd PlaceEric Kleindl
20021st PlaceBernard Czech
20023rd PlaceDan Waldoch
20041st PlaceJoachim Wiener
20072nd PlaceBrennan Torkelson
20073rd PlaceJeramee Van Eps
20091st PlaceAndy Engelmeyer (High School Division)
20092nd PlaceRyan Hruby
20101st PlaceJulie Braschayko
20111st PlaceGeoff Attleson
20112nd PlaceJulie Braschayko
20111st PlaceTristan Feuchtenberg (High School Division)
20121st PlaceJulie Braschayko
20122nd PlaceScott Wenninger
20121st PlaceTristan Feuchtenberg (High School Division)
20132nd PlaceZach Chester
20133rd PlaceScott Wenninger
20142nd PlaceZach Chester
20151st PlaceStephen Kowitz
20152nd PlaceBrandon Carlson
20153rd PlaceWalker Buie
20162nd PlaceBen Kierzek
20163rd PlaceBrian Schroepfer
20163rd PlaceSam Coffman (High School Division)
20172nd PlaceBen Kierzek
20181st PlaceCory Bertram
20182nd PlaceNicole Beyersdorf
20183rd PlaceBrady Storo
20193rd PlaceJordan Wegner
20192nd PlaceLogan Bloom (High School Division)
2020 State contest canceled due to COVID-19
2021 State contest not offered
20221st PlaceKody Herbst
20231st PlaceJacob Moeller
20232nd PlaceKody Herbst
20163rd PlaceCarter Schiffler