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SkillsUSA State Winners - Diesel Mechanics Program

1st Place State Winners were eligible to go on to National Competition where applicable.

Diesel Mechanics

SkillsUSA State Winners in Diesel Mechanics by Year
19742nd PlaceBill Buyck
19791st PlaceRobert Schneider
19792nd PlaceMike Andersland
19793rd PlaceEd Harrold


Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanics

Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanics
19792nd PlaceRobert Schneider (Nationals)
19813rd PlaceBob Iverson
19823rd PlaceGene Scholz
19831st PlaceMike Schulzetenburg
19851st PlaceGreg Cipala


Diesel Equipment Mechanics

Diesel Equipment Mechanics
19861st PlaceKirk Bluhm
19862nd PlaceTom Reisdorf
19861st PlaceKirk Bluhm (Nationals)
19871st PlaceKeith Markthaler
19872nd PlaceKelly Klimek
19873rd PlaceKeith Marthaler (Nationals)
19883rd PlaceJeff Jansen
19891st PlaceRick Bertram
19892nd PlaceMark Holl
19893rd PlaceRoger Winker
19901st PlaceMike Steussy
19902nd PlaceMike Steussy (Nationals)


Diesel Equipment Technology

Diesel Equipment Technology
19922nd PlaceWayne Schlueter
19932nd PlaceMike Hoffman
19973rd PlaceEdward Notsch
19991st PlaceKevin Schreifels
20002nd PlacePaul Rindahl
20012nd PlaceNick Hendrickx
20022nd PlaceRyan Van Eck
20023rd PlaceShawn Pesta
20031st PlaceJason Steuck
20041st PlaceAdam Kosel
20041st PlaceBrian Braaten (High School)
20051st PlaceDave Brown
20053rd PlaceJoe Byrne
20054th PlaceDave Brown (Nationals)
20061st PlaceHarmon Christians
20061st PlaceMartin Braaten (High School)
20062nd PlaceHarmon Christians (Nationals)
20063rd PlaceMartin Braaten (High School - Nationals)
20072nd PlaceMartin Braaten
20072nd PlaceJoey Pierce (High School)
20102nd PlaceBrad Anderson
20103rd PlaceAlex Mages
20101st PlaceDominic Gergen (High School)
20112nd PlaceDrake Piper
20141st PlaceBrandon Becker
20161st PlaceBrian Rademacher
20163rd PlaceLogan Wedum
20182nd PlaceSamuel Radil
20193rd PlaceMackenzie Snyder
2020 State and National contests canceled due to COVID-19
20212nd PlaceLuke Hollister