Early Childhood Education Transfer Pathway AS Curriculum

This curriculum is accurate for 2020-2021 fall starts. Go here for 2019-2020 Early Childhood Education AS curriculum.

1FallECED1100Intro to Early Childhood Education33
1FallECED1110Child Growth & Development34
1FallECED1120Health, Wellness, & Nutrition33
1FallECED1130Guiding Young Children34
1FallENGL1410Composition I33
   Semester Total1517
2SprECED1200Observation & Assessment34
2SprECED1210Learning Environ & Creative Activities34
2SprENGL1420Composition II33
2SprMNTCMATHMATH Course - MnTC Goal 433
2SprMNTCPSYCPSYC Course - MnTC Goal 533
   Semester Total1517
3SmrECED2000Internship (or Practicum I in Fall)37
   Semester Total37
4FallECED2100Intro to Language & Literacy34
4FallECED2110Child/Family Relations in Diverse World33
4FallMNTCSCIEScience Course w/Lab - MnTC Goal 333
4FallMNTCSOCSSOCS Course - MnTC Goal 533
   Semester Total1213
5SprCOMM1415Public Speaking33
5SprEDUC2410Children with Differing Abilities34
5SprMNTCARTHumanities/Fine Art - MnTC Goal 633
5SprMNTCMnTC Elective (Recommend Goal 6)33
5SprSOCS1405Critical Thinking in Society33
   Semester Total1516
   Program Total6070
Note: AS degrees must have Gen. Ed. courses from six goal areas of the MN Transfer Curriculum.
Elective Courses
  ECED2120Practicum I3