Early Childhood Education Transfer Pathway Curriculum

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1FallECED1100Intro to Early Childhood Education33
1FallECED1110Child Growth & Development34
1FallECED1120Child Health, Wellness, & Nutrition33
1FallECED1130Guiding Young Children34
1FallENGL1410Composition I33
   Semester Total1517
2SprECED1200Observation & Assessment35
2SprECED1210Learning Environ & Creative Activities34
2SprENGL1420Composition II33
2SprMNTCMATHMATH Course - MnTC Goal 433
2SprMNTCPSYCPSYC Course - MnTC Goal 533
   Semester Total1518
3SmrECED2000Internship (or Practicum I in Fall)37
   Semester Total37
4FallECED2100Intro to Language & Literacy34
4FallECED2110Child/Family Relations in Diverse World33
4FallMNTCSCIEScience Course w/Lab - MnTC Goal 334
4FallMNTC789MnTC Goal 7,8 or 936
   Semester Total1217
5SprCOMM1415Public Speaking33
5SprEDUC2410Children with Differing Abilities34
5SprMNTCARTHumanities/Fine Art - MnTC Goal 633
5SprMNTCSOCSSOCS Course - MnTC Goal 533
5SprMNTC GEMN Transfer Curriculum Elective33
   Semester Total1516
   Program Total6075
Note: AS degrees must have Gen. Ed. courses from six goal areas of the MN Transfer Curriculum.
Elective Courses
  ECED2120Practicum I3 

Note: AAS degrees must have Gen. Ed. courses from three goal areas and AS degrees from six goal areas of the MN Transfer Curriculum.

Visit with advisor or refer to Degree Audit Report for elective options.

This course sequence is an example.