Law Enforcement AAS Curriculum

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1FallCOMM1415Public Speaking33
1FallLENF1500Intro to Criminal Justice33
1FallLENF1510Juvenile Justice33
1FallLENF1520Emergency Medical Responder23
1FallLENF1525Physical Fitness/Use of Force Training35
1FallSOCS1400Introduction to Sociology33
   Semester Total1720
2SprENGL1460Technical Writing33
2SprLENF1530Minnesota Statutes44
2SprLENF1540Law Enforcement & Human Behavior44
2SprLENF1550Criminal Procedures33
2SprPSYC1410Abnormal Psychology33
   Semester Total1717
3FallLENF2500Criminal Investigations33
3FallLENF2505Criminal Investigation Lab24
3FallLENF2602Police Report Writing/Employment Prep34
3FallLENF2606Firearms/Officer Survival Tactics48
3FallLENF2608Hwy Safety/Accident Investigation48
   Semester Total1930
4SprLENF2510Law Enforcement & Community44
4SprLENF2515Traffic Stops34
4SprLENF2612Police Tactical Management Training48
4SprLENF2617Use of Force Management Training48
4SprLENF2620Tactical Communications/Relations45
   Semester Total1929
   Program Total7296

Note: AAS degrees must have Gen. Ed. courses from three goal areas and AS degrees from six goal areas of the MN Transfer Curriculum.

Visit with advisor or refer to Degree Audit Report for elective options.

This course sequence is an example.