Machine Tool Technology Curriculum

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1FallMACH1505Blueprint Reading/Geo Tolerancing I22
1FallMACH1523Machine Tool Theory I22
1FallMACH1530Turning I47
1FallMACH1540Milling I47
1FallMACH1550Grinding I47
1FallMACH1624Shop Math I22
   Semester Total1827
2SprMACH1625Blueprint Reading/Geo Tolerancing II33
2SprMACH1626Turning II36
2SprMACH1627Milling II36
2SprMACH1628Grinding II36
2SprMACH1629Machine Tool Theory II33
2SprMATH1452Technical Math33
   Semester Total1827
3FallGEN EDGeneral Education Elective33
3FallMACH2510Computer Numerical Control33
3FallMACH2618Intro. to CAD22
3FallMACH2630Process Plan. & Applied Metrology12
3FallMACH2631Machine Tool Operations I36
3FallMACH2634CNC Machining Operations I48
3FallMFGT1560Mechatronics I34
   Semester Total1928
4SprCRLT1439Job Seeking and Keeping11
4SprMACH2524Computer Aided Manufacturing35
4SprMACH2612Jig & Fixture Design22
4SprMACH2639Mold Theory22
4SprMACH2641Mold Building510
4SprMACH2644CNC Machining Operations II48
   Semester Total1728
   Program Total72110

Note: AAS degrees must have Gen. Ed. courses from three goal areas and AS degrees from six goal areas of the MN Transfer Curriculum.

Visit with advisor or refer to Degree Audit Report for elective options.

This course sequence is an example.