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SkillsUSA State Winners - Marine, Motorcycle, & Powersports Technician Program

1st Place State Winners were eligible to go on to National Competition where applicable.

Air-Cooled Gas Engine Repair

SkillsUSA State Winners in Air-Cooled Gas Engine Repair by Year
19841st PlaceRobert Coffin
19842nd PlaceMark Patzer
19843rd PlaceRobert Coffin (Nationals)
19852nd PlaceDon Quistorff
19852nd PlaceDon Quistorff (Nationals)
19881st PlaceTom Bosek
19883rd PlaceGreg Harberts
19892nd PlaceGreg Harberts
19893rd PlaceRoger Bengston
19901st PlaceTed Razink
19901st PlaceTed Razink (Nationals)
19911st PlaceMike Pierskalla
19911st PlaceMike Pierskalla (Nationals)
19921st PlaceDale Larson
19931st PlaceChad Henkels
19932nd PlaceMark Eastmead
19933rd PlaceMark Schroden
19931st PlaceChad Henkels (Nationals)
19941st PlaceBarry Nelson
19943rd PlaceRuss Knudson
19953rd PlaceKyle Nelson
19961st PlaceJim Meyer
19962nd PlaceBruce Nelson
19963rd PlaceScott Mueller
19961st PlaceJim Meyer (Nationals)
19971st PlaceScott Mueller
19972nd PlaceMark Munkelwitz
19971st PlaceScott Mueller (Nationals)
19981st PlaceJay Verly
19982nd PlaceLee Verhelst
19981st PlaceJay Verly (Nationals)
19991st PlaceEric Williams
19992nd PlaceDanny Herberg
19993rd PlaceDustin Thooft
20001st PlaceJosh Jacobson
20003rd PlaceDerrik Strickler
20011st PlaceJustin Sieve
20012nd PlaceTerry Wendinger


Power Equipment Tech

(Air-Cooled Gas Engine Repair name change in 2002 to Power Equipment Tech)

SkillsUSA State Winners in Power Equipment Tech by Year
20021st PlaceJason VanZee
20022nd PlaceMike Kerkaert
20023rd PlaceJason VanZee (Nationals)
20031st PlaceJared Huwe
20032nd PlaceMatt Loers
20033rd PlaceBrian Miller
20043rd PlaceMike Nieuwboer
20051st PlaceDennis Mueller
20052nd PlaceTim Wynia
20053rd PlaceBrian Hedstrom
20051st PlaceDennis Mueller (Nationals)
20061st PlaceDan Reese
20062nd PlaceJeff Torgerson
20063rd PlaceLee Christopherson
20061st PlaceDan Reese (Nationals)
20071st PlaceJacob Tews
20073rd PlaceBryan McCoy
20071st PlaceJacob Tews (Nationals)
20081st PlaceDevin Waitt
20082nd PlaceBrian Ennen
20083rd PlaceEvan Mercer
20083rd PlaceDevin Waitt (Nationals)
20091st PlaceMatt Stimpson
20092nd PlaceKyle Stach
20093rd PlaceBrady Cameron
20091st PlaceMatt Stimpson (Nationals)
20101st PlaceEric Nelson
20102nd PlaceBrandon Becker
20102nd PlaceEric Nelson (Nationals)
20111st PlaceVince Vanslyke
20113rd PlaceTaylor Salzl
20111st PlaceBenjamin Imdieke (High School)
20122nd PlaceJamie Kurkowski
20123rd PlaceDylon DeVries
20132nd PlaceDuane Miller
20131st PlaceTim Imdieke (High School)
20132nd PlaceTim Imdieke (High School - Nationals)
20141st PlaceBrent Ackerman
20142nd PlaceMichael Felten
20141st PlaceBrent Ackerman (Nationals)
20152nd PlaceJohn Meyer
20153rd PlaceCade Kaardal
20161st PlaceJaden Plath
20162nd PlaceJohnathan VanDerBrink
20161st PlaceEthan Kluver (High School)
20171st PlaceDalton Scurr
20173rd PlaceTravis Mozena
20172nd PlaceNathan Alnes (High School)
20173rd PlaceDalton Scurr (Nationals)
20181st PlaceRyan Skroch
20182nd PlaceJacob Larson
20181st PlaceClayton Lahr (High School)
20182nd PlaceMartin Larson (High School)
20191st PlaceBen Muntifering
20193rd PlaceKai Greenberg
20191st PlaceJoshua Richter (High School)
20193rd PlaceNaomi Schneider (High School)
2020 State and National contests canceled due to COVID-19
2021 Some state and national contests canceled due to COVID-19
20221st PlaceAaron Golden
20222nd PlaceCory Martin
20221st PlaceAaron Golden (Nationals)
20231st PlaceLuke Johnson
20233rd PlaceBo Dahlheimer
20232nd PlaceLuke Johnson (Nationals)


Marine Service Technology

(Competition started in 1988)

SkillsUSA State Winners in Marine Service Technology by Year
19881st PlaceTrevor Moen
19883rd PlaceRodney Ruen
19891st PlaceBradley Bye
19893rd PlaceRon Schack
19901st PlaceJim Venderweyst
19902nd PlaceRussell Bruyere
19902nd PlaceJim VanderWeyst (Nationals)
19912nd PlaceMark Amundson
19913rd PlaceCurt Gaylord
19921st PlaceMike Pierskalla
19923rd PlaceScott Jorgens
19921st PlaceMike Pierskalla (Nationals)
19931st PlaceMark Warneka
19933rd PlaceShane Stolp
19952nd PlaceBarry Nelson
19952nd PlaceBarry Nelson (Nationals)
19972nd PlaceMike Thompson
19973rd PlaceJim Meyer
19982nd PlaceRyan Sherman
19992nd PlaceLee Verheldt
19993rd PlaceBrian Fuchs
20002nd PlaceBrandon Ims
20003rd PlaceEric Williams
20023rd PlaceBlair Hastings
20031st PlaceJason VanZee
20032nd PlaceSteve Catlin
20033rd PlaceBlair Hastings
20041st PlaceNick Waldvogel
20042nd PlaceChris Pries
20043rd PlaceNick Waldvogel (Nationals)
20053rd PlaceMark Tolifson
20061st PlaceJustin Frericks
20062nd PlaceTim Wynia
20061st PlaceJustin Frericks (Nationals)
20082nd PlaceKyle Westphal
20093rd PlaceDevin Waitt
20101st PlaceKyle Stach
20102nd PlaceDavid Kuschel
20103rd PlaceSeth Olson
20102nd PlaceKyle Stach (Nationals)
20111st PlaceDustin Stark
20112nd PlaceDylan Vandromme
20113rd PlaceChris Clapshaw
20111st PlaceZachary Longhenry (High School)
20111st PlaceDustin Stark (Nationals)
20121st PlaceTroy Lien
20122nd PlaceTrent Swanson
20123rd PlaceAaron Torborg
20121st PlaceTroy Lien (Nationals)
20131st PlaceCody Anderson
20132nd PlaceBrandon Menze
20133rd PlaceDerik DeVries
20141st PlaceMitchel Hruby
20142nd PlaceShane Howard
20143rd PlaceJoseph Weber
20151st PlaceCory Linaman
20152nd PlaceChad Schmitz
20153rd PlaceMichael Welch
20151st PlaceClinton Edmunds (High School)
20153rd PlaceCory Linaman (Nationals)
20153rd PlaceClinton Edmunds (High School - Nationals)
20161st PlaceAdam Doraska
20162nd PlaceJohn Meyer
20163rd PlaceJordan DeBauche
20161st PlaceAdam Doraska (Nationals)
20171st PlaceKevin Schmidt
20172nd PlaceMitchell Telles
20173rd PlaceAustin Brinkman
20181st PlaceBrad Heitschmidt
20182nd PlaceDalton Scurr
20183rd PlaceTravis Mozena
20181st PlaceNathan Alnes (High School)
20183rd PlaceBrad Heitschmidt (Nationals)
20191st PlaceMike Monnens
20192nd PlaceJeremiah Mesecher
20193rd PlaceDevin Jensen
20191st PlaceClayton Lahr (High School)
20192nd PlaceMike Monnens (Nationals)
2020 State and National contests canceled due to COVID-19
2021 Some state and national contests canceled due to COVID-19
20221st PlaceGarret Bonello
20222nd PlaceWyatt Zeithamer
20223rd PlaceJoshua Kuhlman
20221st PlaceGarret Bonello (Nationals)


Motorcycle Service Technology

(Competition started in 1986)

SkillsUSA State Winners in Motorcycle Service Technology by Year
19862nd PlaceRay Puhlosky
19872nd PlaceRussell Zuehlsdorff
19881st PlacePaul Abrahamson
19883rd PlaceLenny Coyer
19891st PlaceGary Alberts
19912nd PlaceTodd Sigfrid
19921st PlaceTodd Sigfrid
19922nd PlaceMark Eklund
19923rd PlaceTrevor Wendel
19923rd PlaceTodd Sigfrid (Nationals)
19931st PlaceDan Klang
19932nd PlaceJeff Willprecht
19941st PlaceMark Eastmead
19942nd PlaceReese Aldrich
19943rd PlaceAdam Guberud
19951st PlaceTodd Fussy
19952nd PlaceAdam Guberud
19953rd PlaceBrandon Marcyes
19961st PlaceKyle Nelson
19962nd PlaceTrent Johnson
19963rd PlaceAdam Hinrich
19961st PlaceKyle Nelson (Nationals)
19971st PlaceAdam Hinrichs
19972nd PlaceTrent Johnson
19973rd PlaceBruce Nelson
19981st PlaceNed Wilson
19982nd PlaceBruce Slettedahl
19983rd PlaceChris Simon
19981st PlaceNed Wilson (Nationals)
19991st PlaceChris Simon
19992nd PlaceBill Aanenson
19993rd PlaceShawn Bromenshenkel
20001st PlaceKerbie Slegers
20002nd PlaceDustin Thooft
20003rd PlaceDavid Schueller
20011st PlaceNick Lacher
20012nd PlaceNathan Macho
20013rd PlaceAlan Meyer
20021st PlaceJustin Sieve
20022nd PlaceTerry Wendinger
20023rd PlaceKory Kolb
20031st PlaceJake Wegener
20032nd PlaceRyan Hertling
20033rd PlaceRyan Blenker
20041st PlaceTyler Hemiller
20042nd PlaceMatt Loers
20043rd PlaceJared Huwe
20041st PlaceAaron Williams (High School)
20042nd PlaceTyler Hemiller (Nationals)
20051st PlaceSeth Bierman
20052nd PlaceEric Resseman
20053rd PlaceJay Juergensen
20051st PlaceAaron Williams (High School)
20052nd PlaceAaron Williams (High School - Nationals)
20061st PlaceDennis Mueller
20062nd PlaceKyle Jochman
20063rd PlaceIsaac Hokanson
20063rd PlaceDennis Mueller (Nationals)
20071st PlaceLee Christopherson
20072nd PlaceBryce Johnson
20073rd PlaceBrian Fluck
20072nd PlaceLee Christopherson (Nationals)
20081st PlaceJacob Tews
20082nd PlaceCory Nietfeld
20083rd PlaceDavid McArdle
20082nd PlaceJacob Tews (Nationals)
20091st PlaceBrian Ennen
20092nd PlaceAdam Pitcher
20093rd PlaceJustin Ebnet
20092nd PlaceBrian Ennen (Nationals)
20101st PlaceBrady Cameron
20102nd PlaceAnthony Maus
20103rd PlaceJacob Fredbo
20101st PlaceZachary Longhenry (High School)
20111st PlaceEric Nelson
20112nd PlaceDavid Feeney
20113rd PlaceShawn Harms
20113rd PlaceZachary Longhenry (High School)
20121st PlaceVince VanSlyke
20122nd PlaceJustin Anderson
20131st PlaceDylon DeVries
20132nd PlaceJosh Haberer
20133rd PlaceThomas Schwenk
20131st PlaceTim Imdieke (High School)
20141st PlaceTim Imdieke
20142nd PlaceJustin Athey
20143rd PlaceColten Graber
20142nd PlaceTim Imdieke (Nationals)
20151st PlaceJeremy Jacques
20152nd PlaceLee Karl
20153rd PlaceShawn Authier
20161st PlaceJohn Meyer
20162nd PlaceAdam Doraska
20163rd PlaceJordan DeBauche
20171st PlaceWilliam Peters
20172nd PlaceJohn VanDerBrink
20173rd PlaceMitchell Telles
20172nd PlaceWilliam Peters (Nationals)
20181st PlaceAustin Smith
20182nd PlaceJosh Wilde
20183rd PlaceShane Sander
20191st PlaceCody Wegscheid
20192nd PlaceRyan Skroch
20193rd PlaceJacob Larson
2020 State and National contests canceled due to COVID-19
2021 Some state and national contests canceled due to COVID-19
20221st PlaceBen Nestrud
20222nd PlaceKyle Fischer
20223rd PlaceWill Johnson
20222nd PlaceBen Nestrud (Nationals)
20231st PlaceAaron Golden
20232nd PlaceCharlie Meyer
20233rd PlaceEvan Shores
20232nd PlaceAaron Golden (Nationals)


Snowmobile Service Technology

(Competition started in 1997)

SkillsUSA State Winners in Snowmobile Service Technology by Year
19971st PlaceRobb Hallquist
19973rd PlaceRyan Lovold
19981st PlaceMike Vogt
19982nd PlaceJason Nelson
19983rd PlaceBill Aanenson
19991st PlaceDavid Schueller
19992nd PlaceKerbie Slegers
19993rd PlaceJason Kirchner
20001st PlaceJoshua Kuhlmann
20002nd PlaceNathan Macho
20003rd PlaceEric Lind
20011st PlaceKory Kolb
20012nd PlaceGarrett Williams
20013rd PlaceJesse Manuel
20021st PlaceRyan Hertling
20022nd PlaceKevin Allex
20031st PlaceNick Waldvogel
20032nd PlaceAnthony Stalberger
20033rd PlaceTyler Hemiller
20041st PlaceJay Juergensen
20042nd PlaceMike Baker
20043rd PlaceRusty Vandersnick
20051st PlaceJake Kalis
20052nd PlaceJake Stifter
20053rd PlaceNick Klimek
20061st PlaceZach Johnson
20062nd PlaceBryce Johnson
20071st PlaceKyle Witt
20072nd PlaceCory Nietfeld
20073rd PlaceDustin Preusser
20081st PlaceBrian Ennen
20083rd PlaceAdam Pitcher
20091st PlaceKyle Stach
20092nd PlaceSeth Olson
20093rd PlaceMatt Stimpson
20101st PlaceDavid Feeney
20111st PlaceVince Vanslyke
20113rd PlaceJustin Anderson
20111st PlaceBenjamin Imdieke (High School)
20121st PlaceDerik DeVries
20122nd PlaceBrandon Menze
20123rd PlaceTrevor Cronen
20131st PlaceDuane Miller
20132nd PlaceTyler Guttormsson
20141st PlaceMichael Felten
20142nd PlaceBrent Ackerman
20143rd PlacePaul Fruechte
20151st PlaceJohn Meyer
20152nd PlaceAdam Doraska
20153rd PlaceMatt Krall
20161st PlaceJohnathan VanDerBrink
20162nd PlaceMatt Dahlke
20163rd PlaceKevin Schmidt
20171st PlaceKyle Solberg
20172nd PlaceNick Rosen
20173rd PlaceAlex Blackwell
20182nd PlaceMatt Dahlke
20183rd PlaceKevin Schmidt
20181st PlaceKyle Solberg
20182nd PlaceNick Rosen
20183rd PlaceAlex Blackwell
20191st PlaceChase Kennedy
20192nd PlaceDevon Johnson
20193rd PlaceKai Greenberg
20191st PlaceNaomi Schneider (High School)
20192nd PlaceJoshua Richter (High School)
2020 State and National contests canceled due to COVID-19
2021 Some state and national contests canceled due to COVID-19
20221st PlaceCory Martin
20222nd PlaceTate Lange
20223rd PlaceKyle Burrows
20231st PlaceDaniel Townsend
20232nd PlaceLuke Johnson
20233rd PlaceColton Nelson